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Covid’s new strain, Omicron’s symptoms and prevention

It has been almost two years since the world has been dealing with the covid19 pandemic that has mainly disrupted the world’s functioning. However, just as the world was moving towards normalcy, a new strain has struck again, a new deadly variant known as omicron. Lets deep dive into Omicron Symptoms and ways to prevent.

South Africa was the first country to experience the new variant. As a result, WHO has requested various countries to boost sequencing and monitoring. Furthermore, the new variant is quite heavily mutated. As per experts, the mutation is unique from other variants that have been found earlier, and there were more than 50 variants, and it is a target for most vaccines.

As per experts, the mutation level has come from a single person who couldn’t beat the virus. The spread of this new variant has got leaders across the globe stressed about the next month/couple of months in the ongoing pandemic situation, and it is a mutant of concern deemed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The reason behind the concern is that this variant tends to have a plethora of mutations that may impact how it behaves, for example, how easily it can spread or the severity of illness it is likely to be responsible for. The experts suggest that symptoms will be different from the variants people have mainly experienced before.

Some of the Omicron Symptoms

Fatigue- You need to get yourself checked if you go through extreme tiredness as fatigue has been linked to it, and the symptom was also linked with previous strains. In most cases, the sign lasted around five to eight days with other variants, and after the infection, a few people were still feeling tired for several weeks. One doesn’t know how long fatigue is likely to last if one tests positive for the Omicron variant.

Body aches and pains- Just like the original Covid-19 strain, if one is infected with the Omicron strain, they are most likely to experience body aches, and this on of the omicron symptoms has been seen only for a few days with the given variants.

Headache – This symptom has been attached to other covid19 strains, and the ones affected by the new variant have also reported headaches as one of the omicron symptoms. Experts say that people detected with any variant of coronavirus tend to have moderate to severely painful headaches. In addition, they often feel pushy or even stabbing pains.

Scratchy throat- Experts say that patients having omicrons have a ‘scratchy throat’, but there is no cough seen while they are infected with the omicron. It is different than previous strains, and you can ease the pain by taking paracetamol and drinking plenty of fluids.

Runny nose- Even though runny nose is a symptom of common flu or cold, it has been linked to one of the omicron symptoms for infection. Under this, a viral infection mainly causes your nose to produce a lot of mucus which will help to trap and wash away the tiny particles.

Sneezing- This symptom is also likely to be linked with signs of cold or flu, but in a few cases, it also indicates omicron Covid-19 infection. If you are frequently sneezing, it could be a sign of omicron symptoms.

Steps to prevent the widespread of Omicron

Mandatory risk profiling- Experts believe that health care workers and airport/port staff need to be quite careful of passengers arriving at these entry points. They need to ensure perfect profiling, and also, the airlines must play a proactive role at the point from where the flight is originating so they can better understand who is mainly suspected of the new variant. In addition, all the experts arriving from the risk countries must undergo the RT PCR test.

Institutional quarantine also plays a crucial role- As per the latest norms, people coming from high-risk countries must follow a 7-day home quarantine norm even if their RT PCR report stands to be negative. If found to be positive they would be treated separately as per the standard protocol.

However, it is pretty challenging to understand the risk countries as every passing day people are finding cases in different countries, so the government needs to come up with a rule of institutional quarantine mandatory for people coming from all the nations.

Genome sequencing of various samples – The samples of travelers found positive must be sent for genome testing as it will help in understanding the variant. It must be implemented immediately.

Must follow Covid-19 appropriate behavior strictly – People across the globe have stopped following Covid-19 behavior like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing or even sanitizing their hands frequently, especially during the peak hours. To contain the spread of any Covid-19 strain, it is vital to align with strict protocols. People need to understand that masking and maintaining social distance should be a priority and cannot be ignored.

Above all, people need to try and start learning to live along with the virus and keep an optimistic view of the pandemic’s direct and indirect effects on various areas of life. We can only win this battle against this pandemic and stop it from turning into an endemic if we are vigilant and do our part responsibly.

If you are experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms, you can head over to our platform and consult with a doctor immediately.

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